DSC01363Leeseal© is the unique method of producing full colour, photo-quality, hard wearing images on-site and in-situ. Using this concept virtually any image can now be reproduced and installed on any horizontal asphalt or concrete surface.

Schools can now obtain any type of playground markings, logos or images and instead of having single block colours as with thermoplastic these graphics can be anything required.

Testing the concept out to the maximum the first playground marking installed had to be 3D!

We therefore created the 3D hopscotch but found the original image was ‘too real’ and you felt that you were going to fall down the abyss so we toned it down so the children could enjoy it rather than feel like they were about to plummet into the void!

Benefits include:

  • Full colour, photo quality signs, graphics and playground markings
  • You can even add text so the pupils can read the instructions on how to play the games.
  • Games incorporating animals can now have, for instance, 10 facts about that animal so becoming a tuition extension.
  • Rocket hopscotches can now include images of the planets with names and information about every planet or the solar system.
  • Time/history lines can be created with the addition of photographs and/or sketches along with information about events as they happened.
  • Maps can now include images of the world complete with country names, a compass and a clock – or anything else you can think of!
  • No heat is required for installation

Hopscotch Rules 3D

Though Leeseal© does not replace thermoplastic, which we still use and install, it is hard wearing and does have huge advantages when it comes to images and graphics.

a-z Shapes Compass World Map

Obviously the main area for use is the playground but what about the following?:

  • Welcome visitors to the school with a full colour image of the school crest, coupled with arrows (including the school crest, if required) directing the visitors to: ‘SCHOOL OFFICE’, ‘RECEPTION’, ‘YEAR 1’ etc.
  •  Parking Bays: Install the school crest in parking bays with added information ‘VISITORS’, ‘HEADTEACHER’, ‘DISABLED ONLY’ etc.
  • Steps: Install your crest or logo on steps with added information: ‘EXIT’, ‘KITCHEN’, ‘OFFICE’ etc. 

Comment from the school:

“Absolutely superb, the kids will thoroughly enjoy playing on it and using it for numeracy”

“I have had lots of very positive comments from the children & they are using them both at playtime & during lesson time to support with Maths, Literacy, Geography etc. Many thanks for another excellent job!”

IQ Playgrounds are delighted to have agreed the exclusive UK distributorship for Leeseal©.