What time is it & where are we going?

Quite simply we can install the simplest clock with the hours 1-12, a simple line compass with N, S, E, W through to the more complex 24 hour versions or compasses with 8 directional points with maps or smiley faces included – or why not combine both to create a clock/compass?

We have listed a few of the most popular variations available, though (as always) we will be delighted to receive your suggestions and create designs to enable you to obtain the best possible result and use of your playgrounds (there is no additional charge for this).

These markings are supplied and installed using the brightest, vibrant colours, the highest possible quality and hardest wearing preformed thermoplastic material available.

All sizes quoted are approximate, colours and illustrations are for guidance only and may vary for application purposes.

IQ Facts


The compass was thought to have been invented in ancient China sometime before the 2nd century .
Astronomical compasses meant for establishing the meridian were referred to in 1269 (relating to experiments made before 1248).

In 1300 a ‘dry compass’ was described in Arabic for use to find the direction to Mecca.
Evidence of the use of compasses was also found in 12th century Denmark in the construction of Romanesque churches.

IQ manufacture and install 8 point compasses as standard. The compass can be any combination of colours and can be installed on its own or combined with time to create the ever popular clock/compass.

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