Where do you live? Where do oranges come from? – maps and overseas playground markings are a fantastic way of promoting geography and knowledge in the playground.

Cherry Grove

 11m x 6m World Map with Yellow Brick Road!

From the smallest maps of the UK (1m x 1.8m) through to giant, intricate world maps showing all countries larger than Switzerland (11m x 6m), we can create and install virtually any size and configuration in both outline and solid colour.

Whether it be a local, city, country or world – all our maps can be created to your own needs and sizes!

Town, city or country names can be added as required

With the combination of colour, education & learning tools mixed into play. Children will pick up knowledge effortlessly whilst having fun.


  • A full range of ‘standard’ UK, European and World maps are available ex-stock
  • Fully bespoke maps to any size and detail can be manufactured and installed

All sizes quoted are approximate, colours and illustrations are for guidance only and may vary for application purposes.