Preformed Thermoplastic Dots

They say the simplest ideas are the best – so how much fun (and learning) can you get from a bunch of dots? (See suggestions below)


Well here’s the answer, 4 people (2 x children & 2 x teachers) playing the age old game of dot to dot, the game took 15 minutes to complete and at the end you simply use a little water and a brush to wash the chalk off and then you can start again!


But why stop there?

By the simple installation of numbers 1-10 and letters a-j, you now have a co-ordinates grid!



Or numbers 1-20 & letters a-t with four different coloured grids.


There’s more!

What would you think of taking the children out into the playground to show/teach them how to create and draw shapes?


What about drawing using angles?

(This was drawn within 5 minutes of washing the geometric shapes above off)


The list is endless but here are a few suggestions made during our first installation by teachers (and children!)

  • Dot to Dot
  • Co-ordinates grid (including blindfold and giving co-ordinates)
  • Simple shapes
  • a-z Shapes
  • Draw your own games (hopscotch, noughts & crosses, compass, word jump etc.)
  • Geometrical shapes & drawings
  • Technical/3D drawings
  • Fractions
  • Creating mazes
  • Battleships!

The grids come can be whatever size required and multiple grids can be installed in different colours, however to simplify matters we have suggested as follows:

10 x 10 grid (2.5m x 2.5m) £295.00
10 x 10 grid with co-ordinates, a-j/1-10 (2.75m x 2.75m) £345.00
20 x 20 grid, 4 different colours (5m x 5m) £775.00
20 x 20 grid, 4 different colours with co-ordinates a-t/1-20 (5.25m x 5.25m) £895.00
Full a-z/1-26 co-ordinates grid, 4 different colours (6.75m x 6.75m) £995.00

(Colours and sizes may vary)