Probably the singularly most popular playground activity supplied to Primary Schools.

Using solid 30cm coloured squares our hopscotches help promote numeracy with both activity and exercise and can be enjoyed by 1 or 2 children through to numerous children forming a co-ordinated game for many.

A large variation of designs are available to meet every requirement including TURN, 3 & 4 Way hopscotches however, if you can’t see the design you want, just ask and we’ll be delighted to help create your specific requirements.

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  • Outline versions can be supplied rather than solid
  • For large (40cm x 40cm) please add 30%
  • For jumbo (50cm x 50cm squares) please add 50%

Our standard specification uses 30cm solid coloured squares.

All sizes quoted are approximate, colours and illustrations are for guidance only and may vary for application purposes.

IQ Facts

There are many stories of hopscotch being invented by the Chinese or Romans with the latter using extended hopscotch (up to 100 squares) for training soldiers in full battle dress, but all that is known definitively is that the first recorded reference to hopscotch dates back to 1677 when it was also known as ‘Scotch-hoppers’.

The sport of Hop-Scotch or Scotch-Hoppers was also called ‘Hop-Score’ in Yorkshire, ‘Scotch Hobbies’ or ‘Hobby’, in Suffolk and in North Britain it was known as ‘Peevers, Peeverels’, and ‘Pabats’.