The IQ Line©

Possibly the ultimate activity to promote the ABC’s (Agility, Balance & Co-ordination) in the playground.

Created in 4 levels, the IQ line starts with simple movements for the younger children, increasing in difficulty through level 2 & 3 until the most complex level 4 is reached.

The 4 stages can be played individually or combined to create a full exercise activity

A ‘key’ is set at the beginning of the trail(s) and the children can simply try each challenge individually or as a continuous line incorporating 1, 2, 3 or all 4 levels.

The challenge is gripping, exiting and absorbing and all ages of children can undertake the task slowly, increasing their speed as they get more proficient and confident.

Comments Made on The IQ Line include:

  • ‘Improves your balance & memory’ (KS2)
  • ‘Great brain teaser’ (KS2)
  • ‘Good for fun & exercise’ (KS1) 
  • ‘Great to see who can do it the quickest’ (KS2)
  • ‘Brilliant – the children use it over and over again’ (Teacher)
  • ‘We enjoyed giving it a go’ (Parent!)
  • ‘Superb for getting the children involved in PE’ (Sports co-ordinator)

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Configure Your Own

You have complete flexibility when configuring your IQ line. Our bespoke options include:

  • Colour selection (school colours?)
  • Bespoke shape sizes
  • Bespoke configuration (create your own IQ line)

IQ Line Prices

Per Line (Including Key): £385.00 each
Additional Lines (Excluding Key): £260.00 each
Purchase all 4 lines together: £990.00 inc 1 x Key
Additional Keys: £125.00 each

IQ Movement Key

"iq-line from IQ playgrounds"

Colours and designs may vary.


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