‘I wish we had the class numbers (or letters) so the children know where to line up’

Consider it done!

We can install virtually any letter or number in any size or colour to meet your needs.

What about a phonic frog in his phonic pond?! (See Gallery Below)

Our standard letter/number size and colour is 15cm in white but we have, and can, create any size of letters (we have been asked for 4m+!) and these can be manufactured in any of our standard colours.

IQ Facts

The word “alphabet” came into English from the Latin word Alphabetum, which in turn originated in the Ancient Greek from alpha and beta, the first two letters of the Greek alphabet.

IQ can install any combination of letters from simply attaching them to the asphalt through to using them on a variety of designs ie. alphabet snakes, crocodiles or caterpillars onto a-z fish, frogs or flowers – or your own requests if required.

The first known use of numbers dates back to around 30,000 BC. Bones and other artefacts have been discovered with marks cut into them which many consider to be tally marks.

Numbers can be used in every format and requirement from numbered parking bays through to numbered turtles and on to 1-10 snakes, 1-15 caterpillars, 1-20 crocodiles, 1-25 dragons – or other designs – just ask!


  • Letters are available in upper or lower case
  • Virtually any size can be supplied
  • A huge amount of colour options are available

All sizes quoted are approximate, colours and illustrations are for guidance only and may vary for application purposes.