Hours of fun can be enjoyed by using the children’s inquisitive and creative nature.

From the most simple Animaze for the youngest children through to the Labyrinth for the more challenging tasks, our maze and target playground markings help improve balance and co-ordination, and virtually anything can be achieved.

Our mazes can be as simple or as complex as required and we are able to offer virtually any design that you may require..

Target Circles/Animal Targets

The children can have hours of fun utilizing these markings with a simple bean bag or similar.

Additionally, they are ideal to be placed and utilised in corners and areas of the playground where other markings may not be suitable.

Again we can create targets and images to suit your own requirements, how about a puppy head or cat’s head target or even a dart board design? – just ask – we’re here to help!

See Gallery Below

We have listed a number of the most popular mazes and target playground markings available. As always we will be delighted to receive your suggestions and to create designs so that you’re able to obtain the best possible result and use of your playground.

These playground markings are supplied and installed using the brightest, vibrant colours, the highest possible quality and hardest wearing preformed thermoplastic material available.

IQ Facts

Mazes and labyrinths have been referred to from early Greek mythology with King Mynos of Crete instructed Daedalus to create a labyrinth to hold the legendary Minotaur.

In addition to this, maze/labyrinth designs have been found on coins dating back to 430BC and it was only pretty recently that ‘branch’ mazes were used to create garden features during the Renaissance period.

From the simple Animaze or flower maze for the nursery and reception classes though the circular maze, square or rectangular maze, the bubble maze on to the most complex labyrinth, IQ Playgrounds can create and install virtually any design you create or provide us with.

All sizes quoted are approximate, colours and illustrations are for guidance only and may vary for application purposes.

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