Outdoor classrooms and shelters are made to any size and specification.

All our shelters and classrooms are made from top quality red wood timber with
a life expectancy of over 20 years and are an ideal place to teach outside of the normal classroom or a perfect place to shelter from the elements.

Blackhurst Range

Our Blackhurst shelter is a tough yet stylish luxury wooden gazebo. The canopy is 100% waterproof and can stand temperature extremes from -30 degrees celsius to +70 degrees celsius.

Snow build up isn’t a problem as the smooth outer surface generally cause the snow to slip off as the temperature starts to rise – however, an assembled canopy can support the weight of an average grown man.

The stylish PVC translucent canopy is designed for a tough environment, -30 degrees celsius to +70 degrees celsius. It is fitted under tension to give added strength and is 100% waterproof.


Laid in a continuous form that eliminates trip hazards, wet pour can be supplied in a range of colours and simple graphic shapes. It can be laid into existing concrete or tarmac (subject to conditions) or into a pre prepared base area complete with concrete edging.

The biggest advantage of wetpour is that it requires little maintenance (an occasional hosing down will remove any surface debris). It is an attractive, reliable and safe choice for any play area.


Providing the same level of protection as wetpour, the square-formed rubber tiles must be laid onto a flat surface, or pre-prepared sub-base to ensure safe installation.

Tiles can be supplied in a variety of different coloured or ‘speckled’ finishes.


Woodchip safer surfacing provides a complementary finish for rural play areas.Whilst being a cost effective and attractive surface, it will require continuous maintenance over its lifespan.

Grass Matting

Grass matting is a slip resistant surface that creates a natural looking finish by allowing grass to grow through it.
It is a hard wearing product that requires very little preparation before installation. It can be laid on flat or undulating areas and is suitable for wheelchair and pushchair use.
Easily maintained, grass matting has been fully tested, proving itself to be a popular choice in the modern play area.

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