UK Thermoplastic Playground Markings for Schools

If you’re looking for high-quality thermoplastic playground markings in Birkenhead, let IQ Playgrounds be your first and last stop.

We specialise in creating innovative playground markings to suit different types of spaces and purposes.

Our environmentally friendly markings have been used by schools and other institutions to offer children beautiful playgrounds that encourage them to learn and stay active.

To find out more about how our markings can be of benefit to you, call us on 01282 902558 or contact us online to get a brochure.

Why IQ Playgrounds Markings?

 Here are some reasons why many schools and recreation areas have chosen IQ Playground markings over other providers.playground markings in birkenhead

 Safety of our Playground Markings

 When left to their own devices in an open space, there’s no telling how children will choose to entertain themselves. Unfortunately, they end up resorting to hazardous activities many times. To avoid this possibility we provide markings that restrict activity to the designated area. Kids engaged in a game in the marked space are much less likely to injure themselves. In addition to this, the playground markings we distribute in Birkenhead and other parts of the UK are non-toxic.

DurabilityIQ Line Key

 The thermoplastic playground markings  we provide in Birkenhead are guaranteed to keep your youngsters active for many years to come as they are made to last many times longer than paint. Even after years of exposure to the elements, they remain clear, bright and inviting. And just to give you additional peace of mind, we offer our Birkenhead customers a 6-year guarantee with our playground markings.

Unbeatable Price

IQ Playgrounds not only guarantees buyers long-lasting markings (which in itself leads to substantial savings in the long-run), but also great prices. You are assured when investing our products that we will beat by 10% any written quote you can get from a competitor. 

Versatility"playground markings available direct to customers"

 You can rely on us to provide you with playground markings for just about any function you have in mind. Whether you need your school logo emblazoned on the tarmac or educational drawings to assist with learning, we have what you need. Check out our past projects to see what possibilities we can offer you.

Contact us on 01282 902558 to discuss the ideas you have to improve your Birkenhead playground or play area