With our extensive range of playground markings, multi-sport courts, wall panels, magnetic wall games and traverse walls, IQ Playgrounds will totally transform the playground experience for children at your Bradford school.

We have developed a range of thermoplastic playground markings to suit children of all ages providing them with vibrant, stimulating activities and games.


school design in bradford playground
COLOURFUL: Our thermoplastic playground marking brighten up all spaces

This brings fun to their playtime and also encourages participation in sport, cooperative play and social interaction between genders.

Imaginative play is essential for building children’s character, confidence and creativity.

And many of our markings are chosen by schools in Bradford to bolster learning being educative as well as fun.

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 Why Choose IQ Playgrounds For Bradford Playground Markings?

  • You can trust we have the lowest prices- we will beat any quote by 10%
  • Vast variety of products and designs adapted to suit your needs
  • High quality, long lasting, colourful paints which last 8-10 times longer than normal paint!
  • Customise it – you can request virtually any playground design you want for your Bradford school
  • We are highly experienced- check out our testimonials which can vouch for our fast service, excellent customer service and our professional team
  • Quick, hassle free installations by our expert team
  • All our markings are safe; non toxic, lead and chromate free, environmentally friendly and manufactured to exceed ISO 9002
  • All products are guaranteed for up to five years
  • Our dedicated customer support team will guide you through each step making it easier than ever to brighten up even the dullest area!

 How Playground Markings Can Help Your Bradford School

bradford playground markingsA colourful, vibrant play area can brighten up any child’s day providing them with hours of fun and games! In addition, the use of focused areas and stimulating activities can help develop children’s social skills, confidence, agility, balance and concentration.

Focused play will also make your playground safer! It creates some order in the playground, reducing the risk of falls and collisions. Research shows that improving school grounds is an effective anti- bullying strategy.

Furthermore, our markings will brighten up the teachers’ days too! Our markings can provide useful curriculum resources which aid teachers in their lessons. You can transform any space into an additional teaching facility and encourage cross- curriculum learning all for an affordable price.

If your Bradford playground needs improving, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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