There are many reasons why IQ Playgrounds is the go-to supplier for schools and organisations in Newport for playground markings.

playground markings in newport
FUN AND LEARNING: Develop language skills while you leap

For one, we offer a huge range of highly durable thermoplastic playground markings that are suited to a wide range of purposes.

We also offer them at the best prices in Newport due to our best price pledge where we will bet any written quote you can obtain, guaranteeing you full value for money.

Grab a copy of our full-colour brochure online and see how we can rejuvenate even the dullest play area in Newport.

Or give us a shout on 01282 902558 to talk to our knowledgeable customer care agents.

 Why Playground Markings Matter

Your play spaces in Newport will become an irresistible attraction for your kids when decorated with our innovatively designed playground markings.educational playground markings

And the beauty is that if you don’t like what we have in our selection, we can create customised designs for you.

However, you will be impressed by the sheer range of our playground markings collection.

We have everything from your basic hop-scotch to sophisticated maps.

Not only do our playground markings help kids in Newport expend their energy while having fun, they help them develop mentally.

Instead of you investing heavily in making tennis or basketball courts from scratch, you can also use our markings to make any space a court.

UK Thermoplastic Playground Markings for SchoolsWhy IQ Playgrounds?

 Here are some of the reasons most institutions trust IQ Playgrounds for their markings:

  • We have a wide range of options to choose from. Browse our gallery to get an idea.
  • Our thermoplastic markings are highly durable. They last much longer than painted markings.
  • These thermoplastic markings are environment-friendly and are also safe for the children. The safety standards of our products are higher than those laid out in ISO 9002.
  • Installation is quick and unobtrusive. Your Newport play area will be ready for use in no time.
  • IQ Playgrounds is a trusted name, as these testimonials

 Phone us on 01282 902558 to find out more about our playground markings for the Newport area or arrange for a visit here.