IQ Playgrounds provide the finest playground markings in Oldham, guaranteed to brighten up the most dreary playground while providing educative entertainment for children

We offer versatile, hardy and colourful thermoplastic playground markings, giving your children fun playtimes for years to come.

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IQ Playgrounds is simply the most reliable and competitively priced playground marking vendor in Oldham.

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Widest Choice of Playground Markings in Oldham

playground markings in oldham
FIT AND FUN: Kids keep healthy with our playground running tracks

Designed for schools and playgrounds, our playground markings made of thermoplastic offer an unparalleled choice of educational aids and activities.

ABC Development – Ability, Balance and Co-ordination are enhanced by our playground offerings for schools, as well as other institutions.

Lacklustre playgrounds are completely transformed through the creative use of our thermoplastic playground markings, as shown in our play area gallery.

Additionally, we can feature institutional logos or crests at the entrance of the school or playground, as well as offer wall-based games or your own bespoke playground designs.

Reasons to select IQ Playgrounds in Oldham

  • Best price in town
  • Large selection of wall games and markings
  • Trusted and reliable company; browse our testimonials page for positive customer feedback we have received for past jobs
  • Customised designs are welcome
  • Do not miss out on our all year around offers that can be claimed by following our Facebook page.
  • Environmentally friendly, easy and quick installation
  • Longer lasting thermoplastic material that out-lasts paint by up to 8-10 times
  • Playground markings of the highest ISO 9002 standards
  • Standard six-year guarantee on schoolyard designs

The legacy of play-area surface motifs

Playgrounds are turned from ordinary asphalt spaces into lively, innovative play-areas through the use of vibrant thermoplastic markings!

While playing is important, these child-friendly wonderlands encourage teamwork while fostering emotional and social development.

Playtime in Oldham schools will forever be a time of wonder and fun with our thermoplastic playground markings.

Fill out our online quote form or ring 0800 063 9944 for the transformational change your Oldham playground needs.