sunderland playground markings

 IQ Playgrounds offers a wide range of playground markings for children of all ages in Sunderland and other Midlands localities.

Our markings are renowned for their bright colours and innovative designs as well as their long life.

They ensure your children have an engaging, safe space in which to exert their energy while learning and developing.

Discover the full range of our designs and how they can be useful to you by requesting a brochure or calling us on 0800 063 9944.

When thinking of where to get your playground markings in Sunderland, there are several factors you need to consider.

Running Track

Purpose: What do you need the markings for? Do you need to recreate common games like hopscotch and mazes? Do you need to draw maps to help children remember countries and cities? You could also need your logo or school crest reproduced at the entrance to welcome everyone at the main gate. With IQ Playgrounds you can be assured that your designs will be expertly executed no matter what their purpose. Check out our gallery to see the range of our expertise.

Safety: When dealing with children you have to be careful when sourcing playground markings in Sunderland. You want markings that are non-toxic and pose no threat to the kids who will be using them. IQ Playgrounds offers you thermoplastic playground markings that are not only safe for your kids but friendly to the environment.

Cost: This will be the main determinant as to whether you buy playground markings from a particular vendor or not. With IQ Playgrounds you can be sure you’re getting a good deal as we guarantee our prices will be at least 10% lower than any other quote you get. Plus with a 6-year guarantee, you can be sure that you won’t be spending on playground markings again in the near future.

Spruce up your dull playgrounds by calling 0800 063 9944 or requesting a sample.