Donnington Wood

Wouldn’t it be great if the children could start learning about road safety and be aware of the potential dangers on the road?

Even our most basic road track will start to make children aware of potential dangers and features on our road network.

Our simplest road track playground marking includes zebra crossings and therefore they will quickly realise why they are present. With the use of traffic lights, give way signs, roundabouts and similar, the children will also start to understand how the roads work.

Breaking news … We have just installed the largest ever road track for children in the UK – 17 junctions, a school, bank, hospital & supermarket! Installed at Donnington Wood PS in Telford. (See more on our blog or click on photo above)

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We have listed a few of the most popular variations available, though (as always) we will be delighted to receive your suggestions and create designs to enable you to obtain the best possible result and use of your playgrounds (there is no additional charge for this).

These markings are supplied and installed using the brightest, vibrant colours, the highest possible quality and hardest wearing preformed thermoplastic material available.

All sizes quoted are approximate, colours and illustrations are for guidance only and may vary for application purposes.

IQ Facts

The United States has the largest network of roadways of any country with approx. 6,430,366 kilometres (3,995,644 mi)

From our standard road tracks to full cycling proficiency markings and specially designed road tracks to fit your particular playground, we will be discuss and quote any playground project you may have.

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