School playground markings can transform a basic, perhaps slightly uninspiring outside space into something inspirational. A learning resource and source of fun.

There are many reasons to get playground markings – you know that, you chose to search for them. But why choose IQ Playgrounds? Well, because we are the leading provider, we simply cannot be beaten on either quality, service or price- and we have the testimonials to prove it.

What do you want your playground to be? Do you want learning resources – maybe a maze, or a road system, or number games or the brilliant phonics frog.

One thing it shouldn’t be is just a slab of grey concrete. By using our thermostatic surfaces, any outside space can be transformed, whether it’s school, college, private nursery or even back garden!

Please call us today on 01282 902558 so we can start discussing how you can enliven your outside space. That is why we encourage you to read our testimonials and rest assured our prices won’t be better. Find cheaper like-for-like? We’ll beat it by 10%.Mirror Me

But perhaps it is our quality playground markings for schools that make us truly stand out. We will work with you to get the designs you want – we can match any topic or syllabus; equally if it’s just the school crest in the car park to create an impressive entrance we can do that.

Most often though, the marking are a way to get the most out of your playground space. As well as being bright, vibrant and with educational merit, the surfaces also lead to increased interaction. Rather than running and bumping into each other, or staying in the same small groups, children interact around a shared task or game. Many of the markings also encourage thought – mazes for example – or turn taking, bring more structure to play time.

Why get School Playground Markings?

If you commission IQ Playgrounds for a project you are guaranteed a quality product that is:

  • Non Toxic – lead and chromate free and so safe for all
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Proven to last up to 10 times longer than paint. They are colour fast so have real longevity, although our coverings might cost more than asking a teacher to quickly paint something, the fact you won’t have to replace them year after year actually makes them better value. Oh, and as for the quality difference…
  • Manufactured to standards exceeding ISO 9002
  • Guaranteed for up to 5 years, with our products you get peace of mind

Whatever your design – and there are far too many to list here – we either have something suitable or can work with you to design a bespoke offering, Maybe snakes and ladders, or chess, or a sports pitch? Children inspired by Wimbledon? Why not set up a short tennis court. Have a look at the galleries on this site, while if you visit this page you can request a free brochure.
Please call us on 01282 902558 so that we can make your school playground markings truly inspirational and make the outside more fulfilling.