Sometimes all you need are some shapes or simple markings to develop spacial awareness, create a walkway or simply to help with lining up – This is where we can help!.

For instance how do the children line up to go back to class, for fire drills & similar?

Would it not be better to line up behind different coloured human, bear, dinosaur or other feet? Behind numbers (class numbers?) or even shapes, ie. squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, kite, diamond, star etc?

Virtually any shape can be created (in any size and colour), these can be blank or include letters or numbers as required.

How useful is a line? For creating a walkway, for lining up or for sectioning the playground into areas (Quiet Area, Play Area, Ball Games etc) we can create straight, curved or wavy lines to suit your requirements.

We can supply virtually any design of feet (30cm human, bear & dinosaur are standard), in any colour and any size to create a walkway, create lining up points etc. or we can apply letters or numbers, if required.

Though we promote the most popular markings, it would be impossible to list & depict every playground marking & game ever conceived, therefore we offer a bespoke design service so that the teachers can develop and implement their own ideas.

All sizes quoted are approximate, colours and illustrations are for guidance only and may vary for application purposes.

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