IQ Playground Markings: First for price and choice

playground markings in wirral
CLASSIC: Snakes and ladders playground markings

The intelligent way of improving a bare, concrete playground in the Wirral is adding thermoplastic playground markings.

Especially when they are designed to provide both fun and education for all children.

IQ Playgrounds supply superior plastic markings to schools and play spaces in the Wirral and across the UK.

We make our playground markings from thermoplastic which is a hugely durable material.

For a better idea on how we can make your Wirral playground pop with colourful, vibrant and tough playground markings, view our gallery here.

We offer a price pledge that we will better by 10% any written quote you can get for similar markings, making IQ your cheapest and quality option

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Bespoke Playground Markings in the Wirral

We provide one of the widest ranges of playground markings available in the UK.

playground markings of the body
BIOLOGY: Learn about the body with Mr Bones

These include classic playground games like snakes and ladders and hopscotch to learning games focusing on numeracy or literacy

But we also are willing to provide a bespoke service to Wirral schools and institutions, for example, a school logo on an entrance space.

Playgrounds that support child development

IQ Playgrounds is a market leader in top quality, durable thermoplastic playground markings in Wirral and the UK.

The benefits to all age appropriate children from learning while playing is self-evident, as this type of playing is embraced more and more as an effective tuition aid, which is also fun!

Children have been shown to benefit socially and emotionally from the three pillars of child development – coordination, balance and ability; all of which are contained within our markings for playgrounds and other playground equipment.

Key Benefits of IQ Playground Markings

SAFE: Learn road safety with playground markings

  1. Unbeatable price due to price promise
  2. Massive range of markings to choose from and options for bespoke designs
  3. Trusted schools’ supplier. See our testimonials for more or request a reference
  4. Expert playground markings installers who can complete jobs in the Wirral to customer’s satisfaction with minimal disruption
  5. Highest safety standards: our markings exceed ISO 9002
  6. Long-lasting: our markings last eight to ten times longer than inferior substitutes

Make play the time to learn and have fun for children under your care

Simply fill out our online request form or call us on 01282 902558 today to discuss how we can reinvigorate your Wirral playground with our markings.