Your Wolverhampton school or play space stands to benefit greatly from the playground markings offered by IQ Playgrounds. Our markings are designed to allow your kids maximum fun while facilitating their social and mental development.

We offer a huge range of playground activities as well as bespoke markings to suit your unique needs. Along with great products and customer service, we offer customer’s unbeatable prices.

Call us now on 01282 902558 to order your Wolverhampton playground markings.

Unbeatable range of Playground Markings

When we say we have a wide range of activities and educational aids, we really mean it. Our selection includes games like hopscotch and mazes to keep your children busy during their spare time while improving their problem-solving capability.

wolverhampton playground markings
LEARN THROUGH PLAY: Our A-Z shapes can brighten your Wolverhampton playground

It also includes a great variety of maps that can improve your kids’ geographical knowledge.

We have installed coloured animals and many different maths activities in schools that have served as a great compliment to classroom education.

If you have an open space in Wolverhampton you want to use for basketball, football or volleyball, our thermoplastic playground markings can help create the required courts.

Unbeatable quality

Our thermoplastic playground markings are made to meet the highest standards. All our markings come with a six-year guarantee as proof of the confidence we have in the quality of our products.

Our markings have been found to last many times longer than painted markings. However, they are quick and easy to install.

From our playground markings gallery you can see how diverse and creative our designs are and how much expertise and care has gone into each design.

If you don’t find anything from our selection that suits your purpose, we can come up with bespoke markings.

Further proof of the quality of our playground markings is in reviews given by our customers. This gives you the comfort that you’re dealing with a company known for quality.

Unbeatable Playground Markings Price

If you can send us a written quote from any other playground markings supplier in Wolverhampton, we guarantee you we will beat it by 10%. That’s how intent we are on giving you real value for your money.