Playground equipment can turn a bland outside space into an inspirational area full of learning opportunities and health benefits.

Is your playground drab, or at least not exactly reaching its full potential? We can help, with our decades of experience we can advise on how to transform the area via wall games, seating, outdoor learning areas, adventure playgrounds and play equipment and our stunning floor designs.

We fully appreciate that schools budgets are far from being unlimited. What we do promise is that our service, quality and price will be unmatched – we encourage you to read as many of our testimonials as possible. We will work with you, within your budget to come up with the playground space you want. Please call on 01282 902558 so that we can discuss your needs and send you out a free colour brochure. We will happily come out for a free, no-obligation site visit.

What playground equipment do we offer?

Shelters – 100% waterproof and designed to withstand any conceivable temperature, these are a cheaper option that still provide a great space for undercover outside learning

Outdoor classrooms – superbly built, outdoor, open rooms. We have a variety of sizes to suit all needs – they come with decking, seating and built in chalkboards. All you need to do is provide the lessonsshelter1

Seating solutions – any style, for any age. We can build attractive seating areas for a few children or whole classes, and they can be designed to be formal or for more ad hoc get-togethers.

Wood chip, matting and similar – simple solutions to make areas safer and more attractive

Adventure playgrounds and play towers – by adding different modules you can build something truly bespoke and within budget for your school. Made from sustainable sources, these have a beautiful feel of nature and quality.

Thermoplastic floor covers – we can design bespoke floor coverings or have a range of existing designs. Fancy turning the playground into a vibrant learning space? Have a look at the picture galleries on this site.

All products have superb build-quality. Designed to withstand everything from sub Arctic winters to heats hotter than Silicon Valley, they can easily take all the British climate has to throw at them. But this quality is achieved through natural, sustainable products – in keeping with the ethos you will be striving to pass on to the school children.

To find out more about any of these, simply visit this page from here you can also get a guide to our prices.

But as many solutions are bespoke, please call us on 01282 902558. Our friendly team will happily discuss your needs – we will work with you to achieve the playground your school deserves.