Kids’ playground games can be many things, they can be expressive, physical, impromptu, planned and more. However, by using playground markings they can become a truly wonderful source of both fun and education both as part of the curriculum and equally during free play.

Children of course love to play, yet as every parent and teacher knows that play at times will only serve the purpose of ‘running off some steam’. Often it is not educational, even in a social sense, and can leave some children isolated as they are left out of the main playground groups.

kids learning games
kids playground games – a compass can be a great learning tool

By installing some playground markings, anything from snakes and ladders, to a draughts board, to a maze, or a target for throwing hoops into, there are instantly permanent, age-appropriate activities that are fun for all.

As a leading UK provider of kids’ playground games, IQ Playgrounds can transform any playground at school or nursery into resource that is loved by all. Please take a look at the galleries on this site and give us a call on 0800 063 9944 so we can discuss your individual needs.

Kids’ playground games – a world of variety

Your needs might also incorporate wall games, outdoor furniture such as slides and balance walks or 3D graphics using Leeseal, for which we have an exclusive UK distribution deal. Whatever your plans, have a look round the site and give us a call – we are happy to offer advise and can pop out for a no-obligation chat and site inspection.

While your requirements might include a school crest for the car park, or playground markings tied into part of the curriculum – we can install thermostatic markings to match any design – perhaps where our surfaces really stand out is in making vibrant kids’ playground games.

And they are far from being just a vanity project, the bright, vibrant surfaces have educational merit and lead to increased interaction, encouraging children of all ability groups and ages to enjoy a shared task. Many of the markings also encourage thought – mazes for example, or the strategy of draughts or chess for older children. Other games encourage turn taking and bring more structure to playground play.

Why though choose IQ Playgrounds?

Our thermoplastic surfaces, all installed by experts who have worked across the UK and Europe, are non toxic being free of both lead and chromate.

They are also environmentally friendly, yet last up to 10 times longer than traditional paint. Yes, getting a thermoplastic surface costs more than asking a teacher to make a quick paint sketch, but it lasts longer and, with all due respect to your teachers’ artistic abilities, looks a lot better.

Our products come with guarantees, offering you peace of mind. Our many testimonials also speak to our quality, while we cannot be beaten on price as on our surfaces we offer to beat any like-for-like quote by 10%

Huge variety. Whatever you imagine, we can produce – for example, have the kids been inspired by Wimbledon for their playground games? We could make a short tennis court marking. Or has the World Cup got children interested in target practice? Have a look at the many examples on the site, and why not request a free brochure to offer some food for thought?

From mazes, to roads, to the popular IQ line, trails, clocks, maps and so much more. If you can think of it, we can install it!
We do far more than just playground markings. Traverse walls are a popular feature for many outside spaces, similarly you could build a fort-like set-up with bridges, balance beams, logs, slides and hideaways. Also, have a look at our wall panel activities, some are educational, some purely for fun but all are a vibrant addition to the playground.
Openness. You can ask us a question by submitting the online form. We are also happy to discuss your needs over the phone, or better still arrange a visit either to talk through your plans or even look at your space and offer some friendly, obligation-free advice.

Much of our work is showcased in our blog, with projects of all types and sizes. Please take a look and then give us a call on 0800 063 9944. We would love to help you turn your outside space into a truly wonderful area for kids’ playground games.