hull playground markings
LEARNING FUN: Finding a way around a labyrinth

 If you’re looking for captivating, well-designed playground markings in Hull that will stand the test of time, IQ Playgrounds should be your first and last resort.

We offer bright, multi-coloured markings made for conventional ball games or games that challenge kids mentally and help them develop physically.

Call us today on 01282 902558 or request a brochure online to find out which of our playground markings will best suit your school or kids group in Hull.

You can also arrange for us to visit you and help redesign your play areas.

Why Choose IQ Playgrounds?

 You may be thinking why spend money on playground markings in Hull when you can simply use a stick of chalk to draw up a hopscotch game or maze on your tarmac space. Or maybe get it painted.

compass playground markings in hill

But how long will those chalk markings last when exposed to rambunctious infants or extreme weather conditions?

The thermoplastic playground markings IQ Playgrounds offers Hull schools and play spaces are designed to last for years without wearing off.

Safe Playground Markings

Unlike some kinds of paints, they do not contain any toxins, and thus they are safe for the children and gentle on the environment.

Cheapest Playground Markings

All this and yet out thermoplastic markings are among the most reasonably priced in the market today, and potentially the cheapest you can source.

We offer all our Hull customers our best price pledge; send us a written quote from another like-for-like supplier, and we will reply with a quote that’s lower by at least 10%.

Massive Choice of Markings

The sheer range of our playground markings is another reason you should look no further than IQ Playgrounds.

 playground markings at hull school

Whether you need drawings of maps to help your kids learn about cities and countries or you need mazes to stimulate their analytical thinking, we will make them for you with unmatched quality.

Our playground markings have bright colours that will captivate your kids instantly.

Send us a request online, and we will send you a brochure full of designs to spark your imagination.

Or call us on 01282 902558 to discuss what playground markings are best suited for your Hull space.