The addition of some high-quality equipment can transform any primary school playground into a superb resource for both learning and play.

And the equipment can just be a one-off piece, perhaps a track or trail with balance tasks, a slide and covered area; or it could be a suite of activities, perhaps brought together with colourful floor markings and wall panel games.

Whatever your thoughts, or even if you’re not sure and just want some friendly advice, please call us today on 01282 902558 so we can discuss your needs.

We can also arrange to pop out for a no-obligation chat, while taking a look round this site at the galleries, examples and blog should give you a feel of what we at IQ Playgrounds can provide and a feel for the quality of our products. Oh, and if you want a free colour brochure simply request one online.


Not that we mean to criticise your search term, but primary school playground equipment is quite a broad area! It can mean all manner of types of things, from a basic swing, to a multi-piece fort, to a shelter or even a wall panel activity. Luckily we can provide all of these, but here are a few examples of what we at IQ Playgrounds can offer.

Shelters. Weatherproof, with the only maintenance being an occasional hosing down, our shelter range provide a great outdoor learning area, while they can also be used in play, or as a fort, castle or cafe as part of imagination play. We can also build outdoor classrooms, which like the shelters will last for at least 20 years.playground markings

Safety surfaces. Wet pour can go straight on to existing concrete to provide a safer surface, perfect if you’re also having some form of apparatus that encourages climbing. Similarly, tiles are easy to install. Wood chip and grass matting are also available.

Tracks and trails. These can be anything from a trail suitable for youths and adults to something more suited to younger legs. We are of course happy to come and advise on lay out and what’s suitable, but they can be completely bespoke to your needs.

A mix of balance beams, bridges, maybe a slide, logs, Burma Bridge, stepping stones and more makes a wonderful interactive experience. Children can focus on one of the activities or try to complete the whole trail. These trails are also a great alternative to traditional physical education games, rather than a few pupils shining they allow all children to enjoy a truly magical outside time.

Play towers. Ever popular, these mix slides, bridges and covered areas to create a solid structure much loved by primary school children. Our prices include installation on to a suitable surface.

Seating. Don’t forget children need somewhere to sit – colourful seating can form part of primary school playground equipment.

Wall activities. These are hugely popular with younger children, whether it’s a driving game, or a puzzle, wordsearch, maybe a football target or magnetic board game. We have an extensive range to look through on this site.

And all these are without even mention our Thermoplastic floor surfaces, an environmentally safe system that can turn any outside playground space into a maze, or a short tennis court, or a map of the world or a million things besides. Whatever you can imagine, we can turn into a playground floor image.

Whatever your primary school playground equipment needs, we can help. And we have the testimonials to prove our quality, while our promise to beat like-for-like quotes by 10% should reassure you on price.

Please take a good look round the site, maybe request a brochure or ask us a question. And please get in touch on 01282 902558, even if you’re not quite sure what you want we can help you turn a primary school playground into a superb outside space.