With IQ Playgrounds you are guaranteed the most innovative, long-lasting playground markings in the Durham area.

We have supplied numerous schools and institutions with captivating outdoor activities for both recreational and educational purposes.

Our work also includes school logos and crests as well as technical 3D drawings.

Telephone us today on 01282 902558 to discuss your new playground markings project in Durham or send us a request and we’ll send you a free brochure.

Why Choose Playground Markings for your Durham Space

There are several reasons you should opt for our durable, thermoplastic markings in Durham.

Long-lasting Playground Markings

Playground Markings Durham 
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One is the aforementioned durability. Our markings have been proven to last up to ten times as long as painted-on markings.

So confident are we of the longevity of our markings they come with a six-year guarantee. Long as they last, our markings are quick and easy to install.

Huge Range of Playground Markings

The variety of playground markings we offer is another reason many Durham institutions choose IQ Playgrounds.

We have activities to suit different needs; schools rely on us for geographical maps as well as math activities. These provide visual aids to accompany lessons taught in class.

We also have games to let kids be kids while enhancing their mental development.

Take a look at the different mazes and hopscotch designs we have installed for past clients. Or better still, view the full gallery of previous projects.

Even if you don’t find any activities that suit your purpose, we can help you design bespoke activities for your Durham playground.

Safe Playground Markings

Our playground markings are designed to meet the highest safety standards; they meet and exceed ISO 9002 requirements.

Not only are our thermoplastic playground  markings safe for the environment, they are completely non-toxic and lead and chromate free.

Cheapest Playground Markings

Besides range and longevity, another area other suppliers cannot beat us is pricing.

If you present us with a similar written quote from any competitor, we guarantee that we will beat it by 10%. Keep tabs on our Facebook page and you could yet profit from some awesome deals and offers.

We are renowned for quality, but don’t take our word for it. You can read the reviews written by our happy customers.

Ask for a brochure or arrange a visit, or contact us on 01282 902558 to get your Durham playground markings project on the ground.