Primary school playground equipment can transform any school’s outside space into a truly wonderful area for play, relaxation and learning.

IQ Playgrounds, leading UK providers of primary school playground equipment, playground markings, traverse walls, magnetic playground games and more can work within your budget to make something magical for young minds. At this stage we should point out that we’ll beat any like-for-like quote by 10%.

Whatever your vision for your playground – or even if you are just searching for some inspiration call us today on 01282 902558. You can also get in touch through our contact us page and request information, a free brochure or even for us to undertake a site visit.

Primary school playground equipment – why IQPG?

The fact you have come to this page shows you are considering spicing up your playground, but of course it is only right that you will consider a number of potential providers. The question is, why choose IQ Playgrounds, especially when there are so many conflicting demands on tight school budgets.

One reason is our range of equipment. Play towers are one popular addition for schools; these can be as simple or complex as your budget and space allow and are bespoke built to match your requirements. But whatever exact configuration schools choose, one thing is constant, primary school children love climbing, sliding and exploring.seating3

Similarly, we offer a modular trail, you choose the elements which fit your demands; individual challenges including wobble bridges, log snakes and stepping logs. The cheapest part, the balance walk, costs under £300 yet as with all equipment will last decades.

Another popular addition is a magnetic wall game, bright, engaging and superb for encouraging social interaction, these can be catered for primary school children of all ages. Popular games include snakes and ladders and connect 4; hopefully games which will remain forever popular! But games can also be bespoke, whatever you imagine we can create. Oh, and we also provide spare pieces, few things would be annoying than to set up a game of draughts for pupils only to find pieces missing.

Not all primary school playground equipment is about play though. At IQ Playgrounds we make superb shelters and outdoor playgrounds. Made from the finest redwood timber and with a life expectancy in excess of 20 years, these can make a wonderful outdoor learning area, helping creative teachers to take the learning outdoors.shelter1

These shelters and classroom can be provided with quality, fixed seating. Separate seating is also available to be liberally placed around the playground; the addition of a few colourful seating areas can create areas for a more restful playground experience, great for contemplation and perhaps some time winding down.

At IQ Playgrounds we pride ourselves on providing a complete solution; in the playground this includes providing safe, long lasting floor surfaces. Woodchip, wet pour, matting and tiles are among the options – as with all our outdoor range check out the options on this page.

However, at IQ Playgrounds we offer far more than just primary school playground equipment. Have you considered floor markings, these can be anything from a maze, to a sports court, to a numeracy game. They all make the playground visually stunning whilst also making them multi-functional.

Whatever your requirements, or even if you’re just on a bit of a scouting mission, please take a look round the site. Read the testimonials, our latest news in the blog and have a look at this page to see what our latest offers are.

And please call us today on 01282 902558, we would love to discuss your requirements.